Challenge: Tanka

I’ve seen the light.

I’ve finally consolidated my writing and photography blogs.

You can now find writer/photographer me at:



A Cuppa Kim: The Mug Swap is Here! The Mug Swap is Here!

Okay, so I have a weakness for mugs. I LOVE coffee mugs. Especially ones with hearts on them. 😉 Anyway, I just found out about this awesome Mug Swap over on A Cuppa Kim. I can’t wait! Why don’t you come on over and join me?

A Cuppa Kim: The Mug Swap is Here! The Mug Swap is Here!

August Photo Challenge

Hello, again. Remember me? Maybe, maybe not. It has been quite a while since I’ve been around. My writing has been a little stifled lately, so I’ve been spending more time taking pictures. I found a really cool photo challenge and I’m working on that this month. Who knows, maybe it will even inspire my writing. 😉

Go check it out on my photo blog, here and let me know what you think by leaving a comment. I appreciate any and all feedback. Even if you think it sucks, as long as you tell me why you think it sucks. I can’t wait to hear from you guys! Interaction is what this life is all about.

Melancholy… and Overwhelmed

Hey everyone…

Lost in the Fog

I’m not sure why, but I’ve been feeling kinda melancholy lately. I haven’t had much time for writing and platform building. I had a great weekend, though. I got to spend lots of time with hubby, which was a lot of fun. He usually has to work weekends, but didn’t have much that had to get done. We went shopping with the kids on Saturday, and then got a sitter on Sunday and did a little more shopping. (Shopping is one of my favorite hobbies!!) But I didn’t get any writing done, or even those things that aren’t writing, but somehow make me a better writer, like reading craft articles, checking awesome blogs, and interacting with other writers on social media.

So, now I’m 6 or 7 days behind on MNINB challenges, didn’t post an update for ROW80 on Sunday, didn’t post a blog on Sunday, haven’t done any writing, editing, or even reading for almost a week now, and am feeling a little hopeless. I figure the first step in the right direction is figuring out how far behind I am, but when I see the actual list, I just sigh and want to go back to bed. I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. Okay, I’m feeling a lot overwhelmed. I HATE long to-do lists. I need short, quick tasks so I feel like I’m making progress quickly. Only I don’t feel like doing anything today… It’s just one of those days, I guess.

Well, at least I posted on my blog… and got my ROW80 updates up, only two days late…

How do you deal with feeling overwhelmed? What are your strategies for getting caught up? How do fight off the hopeless feelings? I appreciate any and all feedback. Interaction is what this life is all about.

Happy Writing and Platform Building!!
Becca ♥

ROW80 Update #6: for April 15-21st 

Writing: 1720/1500 words. First time I achieved this one.
Reading: 1/4 books. On track for this.
Editing: 4/10 pages. Still way behind. I should be at page 30, but I’m only on 20.
Blogging: 2/2 posts. Got this one.

Hello There!


Rebecca Barray here, but you can call me Becca. I’m a soon to be up and coming writer of romance. I created this blog to talk about lots of stuff relating to my writing: recent readings, what I’m learning about the craft of writing, short writings, ideas, and hopefully your feedback. Super excited about getting started! If you have any recommendations of any romance you’ve read recently, let me know!!

Stay tuned for some of my steamy writing!!