Flutter: A story in Photos by Rebecca Barray

Okay everyone! My photo essay over on The Writerly Life is live!! Go check it out! Right now!! … I’ll wait. 😉
Leave me a comment over there to let me know what you think and show some love. It’s always appreciated!
Love and Photo Fun, 
Becca 😉

8 thoughts on “Flutter: A story in Photos by Rebecca Barray

  1. The photos are brilliant, though the story is tragic. I wish I could get close enough to some of the creatures to get shots like those.Bravo Rebecca.Thanks for sharing your talent.

  2. I tried to leave a comment at The Writerly Life, but not sure if it worked. Anyway, here's what I said:Haha (I know I shouldn't laugh, but your surprise ending just won me over!) What a cool way to tell a story!

  3. Thanks, Emily! I am new to the whole idea of photo essay, but I find it fascinating! I'm working on another right now. It's longer, about 10-15 pictures, I think. Can't wait to share it!!

Let me know what you think!! I'll wait. ;)

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