Challenge: Tanka

Challenge Accepted!!

I find writing challenges extremely inspiring. I love a good challenge. They are fun to try, even if you don’t submit your entry. I believe anything that gets you to put words on paper (or screen) is a good idea.

Yesterday, I found a wonderful poetic challenge from Robert Lee Brewer from Writer’s Digest! Go read it here. A tanka is a Japanese form poem. It has five lines, each with 5, 7, 5, 7, and 7 syllables, respectively. I had never heard of tanka before, and I was intrigued. So I thought I’d give it a try. I went through my pictures for inspiration. Then I wrote a tanka. Enjoy!

Peeking through the clouds
Shining bright, into my eyes
A day is born with
Endless opportunities
If only I accept them

So, I’m throwing down the gauntlet. I challenge you to find a challenge!! Ironic, huh? If you can’t find one, write a tanka. If it’s short, post it below in the comments. If it’s longer, post it on your blog, then come back and link to your post in the comments below. Be sure to tell what the challenge is first and link back to it so others might be inspired. Actually, do that even if you don’t want to post your writing practice for public consumption. The more challenges the better!! Good luck and remember to have fun!!


4 thoughts on “Challenge: Tanka

  1. Hey there girl! Ok, taking you up on the challenge and have spent the last 30 minutes creating a tanka poem. Something to match the end of my first book, Crows Hill. Hope you enjoy!MIRROR'S EDGEBy: LMFieldsReflections of youMirroring visions of meYou've helped me surviveThis time, I am breaking freeRunning on the mirror's edge

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